The Team
This book began as a pipe dream. The designers, turned authors, conceptualized, planned, coordinated, and executed holiday decorations for over three years. The photographer gave us what you see today. The following is a team that collaborated, and gave the best of what each had to offer.

John Grady Burns
John Grady Burns learned to appreciate beauty and developed a love for horticulture while growing up in Natchez, Mississippi. He holds a degree in Retail Floral Management which has led him to pursue a career in floral design while also teaching students the art of arranging. He is the author of Personally Yours—Flowers for Weddings, Parties and Events. John presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he is owner of a design and event company, Flora.

Jill Helmer
Jill Helmer, a floral designer by trade, has a background in art and a love for all things natural. Combined they are the perfect companions and driving force behind her floral business, Jill Siegel designs. A native of Texarkana, Arkansas, she calls Atlanta home after more than thirty years.

Kathy Stewart
Kathy Stewart brings her creativity and keen style to everything she touches. The Texarkana, Arkansas native and resident attributes her lifelong passion for antiques and beautiful appointments for the home, to her late mother-in-law, to her travels, and to her love of reading. Collaborating on holiday design jobs in Atlanta, was the natural stepping stone to co-authoring this book.

Bartram Nason
Atlanta native Bartram Nason first took an interest in photography as the subject of countless family snapshots. His interest has grown to include documentary, fashion, and interior work. In a decade-long career, his images have appeared around the world in publications such as Spin, Newsweek, XXl, and The Guardian. The award-winning photographer collaborated with John Grady Burns on Personally Yours—Flowers for Weddings, Parties and Events.